Donald Barnett
About This Site

This web site is an online gallery of photographic images for sale as stock photography and as decorative art.  Visit this site often to view new images.  All works are protected by copyright.

Donald Barnett is both an engineer and photographer by training.  His B.S. Engineering degree is from the California State University at Long Beach.  He pursued his engineering profession until the mid-eighties when he returned to school and obtained his B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Colorado.  He continued his education by focusing on photography at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California.  He is educated in technology, fine art, and commercial photography giving him a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience to bring to any photographic project.


Collecting Art

The purpose of art is to connect the spirit of the artist with the spirit of other human beings. That connection can be temporary or ongoing. Art collectors want to share that spirit more often in a time and place of their choosing. Having art to inspire, restore, and illuminate our human experience is a privilege and a responsibility. Art should be displayed and shared as the artist intends.

Collecting visual art is especially rewarding. The art can be displayed where it can be enjoyed on a daily basis. It can add to the ambiance of a space giving that space additional meaning. Particular pieces reflect the collectorís personal view of truth and beauty. Art is often the only way we can express the complex character of our being. The artist, the artwork, and the collector are united in experience, spirit and expression.

People who enjoy collecting and building art collections develop a passion for what interests them. They usually donít conform to fads and crazes and buy because they enjoy the relationship with art that transforms a part of their lives. They do not buy for investment purposes. They collect because they have discovered a certain appreciation for a particular artist, a certain media, style, process, subject matter or other value they find in an art form. Collectors seek information and insight that contributes to their appreciation.  They educate themselves and create a better understanding of the artistís intentions, process and techniques, the history of those processes and media, and the history of the artist and the art form. There is a special satisfaction found in these discoveries.  All of this goes beyond the contemporary notion that art is primarily decoration.